Happiness practices

Happiness is a byproduct of many practices, well practiced. It includes a healthy system, fed the right food, in the right environment, doing things that make us happy, and contributing to others in ways that foster gratitude and respect. We are social, creative, beautifully expressive beings and community is where we belong.

Welcome H'Ohm.

Leading by example and displaying benefit

is the best way to evoke change in the world. 

 Our primary goal is to build our tribe and become an eco-community, offering sanctuary and abundance for our cooperative members, seasonal or full-time.

We invite you to join us for a week, a month, or more to share ideas, time and friendship, and explore the possibility of  becoming a member. *Financing available

Our food will be grown incorporating principles of permaculture and sustainability. Our lives will be lived appreciating the diverse cultures around us, and those that have come before so that we may live in a culture of abundance. We believe in unity through diversity, and in respect for all life.

Welcome to H'Ohm Jungle Retreat
Positivity, Love, Unity, Growth and Respect.

We are taking these principles to the jungle and building a healing, educational and self-sustaining community.

Promote well-being through well living.


H'Ohm Jungle Retreat is a growing intentional community focusing on permaculture, natural building and happy living in the jungles of Belize